Elaine Minionis street/documentary Photography
Elaine was born in Caracas, Venezuela, in 1980. Always fascinated and curious about the study of Western culture, from art movements and science, to technology, historical characters, religion, anthropology and literary expressions, she decided to pursue her undergraduate degree in Literature at the Universidad Católica Andrés Bello in Caracas; program that also involved an intense study in History and History of Art, Philosophy and Languages.

Elaine started writing poetry at a very young age; and in 2005 she won, along with 10 other poets, one of the national poetry contests, receiving as a reward a text publication with one of the most important literary houses in Venezuela (CELARG). In parallel, her interests for documentary photography and filmmaking was being developed through many independent courses taken since 2000 in Venezuela and in the University of the Arts in London, allowing her to work, exhibit and publish her documentary photographs several times. In 2006, a Venezuelan filmmaker saw her photography work, and fascinated by her eye, asked her to work on a 20th Century Fox production: “Elipsis”, as the advertising, making-of and still photographer; a movie that allowed her to work with the most important talents in Venezuela.

Throughout this dual and never quarreled inclination towards images and words, she decided to pursue Documentary Filmmaking in 2008 at the New York Film Academy, where non-fiction visual storytelling became an artistic and intellectual space that allowed her to explore the humane by combining creative writing and deep research, with her instinctive motivation for visual aesthetics and photography. Elaine strongly focused on social issues related to aging in the current American society, and also worked on making “machinima” (machine + cinema), embracing new filmmaking techniques, also exploring and documenting with a computer camera the life of real characters within 3-D virtual reality settings.

After graduating, she worked at the Brooklyn-based production company Flicker Flacker Films, as the assistant editor for a History Channel feature-length documentary "The Naturalized", having the opportunity to work with the important Emmy-winner documentarian Aaron Lubarsky. After being accepted for an internship at Discovery Networks Latin America/US Hispanics in the Original Production & Development Department, she happily moved to Miami, where she currently resides.

In 2011, Elaine and visual artist Rodolfo Vanmarcke founded The Lunch Box Gallery; a small but vibrant and cutting edge creative space devoted to artistic contemporary photography in the Wynwood Art District of Miami. At the gallery, they shown and supported the work of emerging regional, national and international artists of all media, with a particular emphasis on contemporary photography and its new trends; and where forms like conceptual, fine art, essay, documentary and mixed media photography were subjects of exploration. They decided to close the gallery in 2014, but continued with the photography studio, where they currently work on commissions that can go from magazine editorials to product, personal, music or still photography for audiovisual projects. In parallel, Elaine develops written creative content for websites and other needs, along with the making of corporate videos, short documentary pieces and making-of for businesses; everything crafted through a documentary approach.

Elaine, in parallel, pursues her own stories and documentaries; being the last one, "Uncanny: The Dolls of Mariana Monteagudo" (2018), a short film renowned Venezuelan plastic artist currently residing in Florida, Mariana Monteagudo; her creative process and her inspirations behind her intriguing, eerie and culturally hybrid doll sculptures, all made of repurposed materials that were originally waste. In the film, we closely follow Mariana into the creation of her new doll series “Uncanny”, and topics like capitalism, immigration, maternity, contemporary art, terror and the repurposing of objects are explored.

Elaine G. Minionis



2008 New York Film Academy. Documentary Filmmaking (1 year Certificate)

2007 Washington University in St. Louis. 1 semester Ph.D in
Comparative Literature (Full Scholarship, not completed)

2000-2005 Universidad Católica Andrés Bello. Caracas, Venezuela.
B.A. in Literature, with strong focus on Philosophy and Arts (5 year program)

1997-2000 Universidad Simón Bolívar. Caracas, Venezuela.
Undergraduate Biology Studies (3 years)

Professional Experience:

2011-Current Co-owner/Photographer/Content Developer of The Lunch Box Studio - Hollywood, FL: Creative studio devoted to commercial and personal photography and other artistic expressions. Photographer, creative image development for products, brands, professionals, etc. Also, content creation for companies; from researching, structuring and fully developing written content for websites, projects, ideas, products and non-fictional scripts for corporate videos and documentaries, translations, etc.

2011-2014 Owner/Gallerist of The Lunch Box Gallery – Miami Art District, FL: Contemporary photography gallery in Wynwood devoted to showcase conceptual, essay and documentary photography, with a strong focus on social issues and today's man as a subject of exploration. From curating monthly shows and the deep research this entails, to developing all the written content for the exhibitions, marketing, artist statements, press releases, etc. Also, main spokesperson in interviews, press, jury for other galleries' competitions and director of student's program "One Night Stand Exhibition Series", a space for extremely talented and local undergrad and grad students to exhibit their documentary photography in a section of the gallery. The gallery still works virtually, catering to collectors and interior designers with specific photography needs.

2009-2011 Content Editor for international telecommunications company NetUno - Weston, FL (headquarters based in Venezuela): Creative content developer for mostly all marketing and internal/external communications of the company. Ads, flyers, marketing presentations, product sheets, video scripts, social media, marketing research, etc.

2009 Freelance Producer for Discovery Networks Latin America / US Hispanic (September): “The Amazing Race” show. Review narration, structure, animation, etc.

2009 Summer Internship in the Original Production Department – Discovery Communications Latin America / US Hispanic - Miami (June-August): Evaluate and analyze non-fiction proposals; review, re-structure and re-narrate scripts; evaluate offlines (audio, graphics, narration, structure, etc.) from shows in development (like “The Amazing Race”, “Vivir para Contarlo” series, “Take Home Chef”, etc.); research and develop content for new shows; assist all executive producers from the department with their current productions; administrative assistance, etc.

2009 Assistant Editor, Production Assistant and Intern – Flicker Flacker Films – “The Naturalized”, a documentary by Aaron Lubarsky for The History Channel - NYC (January – May)

2007 Copy Editor for all text books/ Researcher/Content Developer for the science section of the textbooks – Grupo Santillana (Multinational Spanish Publisher) – Venezuela (March – June)

2006 Documentary Scriptwriter - Habitat: Venezuela - 4 programs
for television - Kamarata Productions – Venezuela (January –

2006 Advertising photographer/Still Photographer/Making Of - Movie: Elipsis - Directed by Eduardo Arias-Nath - 20th Century Fox – Venezuela (February – April) (www.elipsis.net)

2005 Literary Journalism - Writing and Research Internship - Plátanoverde Magazine - A&B Productions – Venezuela (April – August)

Additional Qualifications and Courses:

2008 New York Film Academy New York, USA
Final Cut Studio Pro, Panasonic 24p DVX and HVX

2007 Trasnocho Cultural Foundation Caracas, Venezuela
9 hrs Argumental Scriptwriting

2006 Grand Movie Circuit Caracas, Venezuela
116 hrs Documentary and Television Production: Scriptwriting,
TV Production, Final Cut Pro editing, Assistant Director, Documentary Filmmaking

2006 Núcleo Fotosensible Caracas, Venezuela
20 hrs Studio Lighting for photography

2006 Centro de Estudios Latinoamericanos Rómulo Gallegos
Caracas, Venezuela
1 year Literary Expression Workshop - Mention: Poetry

2004 University of the Arts London UK

(all non-fiction)

2018 UNCANNY: The Dolls of Mariana. Monteagudo Director, Cinematographer, Producer, Editor, Researcher (currently editing).
29 min. “Uncanny, The Dolls of Mariana Monteagudo” is a short documentary about renowned Venezuelan plastic artist currently residing in Florida, Mariana Monteagudo; her creative process and her inspirations behind her intriguing, eerie and culturally hybrid doll sculptures, all made of repurposed materials that were originally waste. In the film, we closely follow Mariana into the creation of her new doll series “Uncanny”, and topics like capitalism, immigration, maternity, contemporary art, terror and the repurposing of objects are explored.

2014 Baja's Secret Miracle. Structure Consultant Winner of the "Viewster Audience Award" and $20,000 donation to Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project. This short film tells the story of Mario Castro, a fisherman in Cabo Pulmo (Mexico) that decided to change the destiny of the marine life around him, after suffering from fishing exploitation.

2008 The Pixel Man. Director, Cinematographer, Producer, Editor, Researcher (Thesis Documentary)
A short documentary filmed entirely inside the 3D virtual world
of Second Life (HD/Machinima); Cinéma Vérité journey
through five real life residents of Second Life.

• New York Film Academy Documentary Festival

2008 Red Hats for the Soul. Director, Cinematographer, Producer,
Editor, Researcher
A short documentary about “The Bombshells”, one of the
Bronx chapters of the Red Hat Society (DV)

• New York Film Academy Documentary Festival

2008 Voice of the Serenade. Director, Cinematographer, Producer,
A short Direct Cinema and Character film documentary about
New York City poet Peter Chelnik (DV)

2008 True Act. Co-Director, Co-Producer, Co-Editor
A 5 min pitch episode for Reality TV show about an
improvisational street theater group on socially engaging
scenarios (HD)

2008 A Red Hook Tale. Camera Operator, Translator, Co-Interviewer
A short documentary by Frederik Boll. Central American food vendors fight to protect the businesses upon which they’ve built their lives and their community in Red Hook, Brooklyn (DV)

• New York Film Academy Documentary Festival

2008 2012. Camera Operator, Sound Recorder
A short documentary by Megan Sievert. Speculation on the year
2012 and its possible implications on Earth (DV)

• New York Film Academy Documentary Festival

2008 Worlds Apart. Camera Operator, Sound Recorder
A short documentary by Agnelo Gomes. Family and education of
Chinese immigrants’ children in the US (DV)

• New York Film Academy Documentary Festival

2008 DeliziOus! Director, Producer, Editor, Narrator, Researcher
A short Mute/MOS and observational documentary on “Delizia
92” Pizzeria as an example of Globalization, NYC (16mm)

2008 3 V-logs. Director, Producer, Editor, Narrator, Researcher
Free-style conversational cyber-films for distribution on the
internet about the documentary genre and future projects (DV)

• Selected for posting V-log in the NYFA website

Honors, Awards and Publications:

2011: Cover and publication of series "Not Anymore" - Area de Zinc art magazine (area-zinc.com)

2009: Selected for the Discovery Channel Latin-America summer internship.

2008: Selected V-log Why Documentaries? Published in the New York Film Academy website www.nyfa.edu. Directed, Edited, Written and Produced by Elaine Minionis, NY.

Public screening of Red Hats for the Soul documentary at New York Film Academy screening room; Directed, Edited, Researched, Written, Filmed and Produced by Elaine Minionis, NY.

Poetry Recitals for the American Theater of Actors. Invited twice to feature, NYC.

2007: Accepted in Washington University in St. Louis for the M.A.- Ph.D program in Comparative Literature. Awarded with a full tuition Scholarship, a University Fellowship for the first academic year (2007-2008) and a Teaching Assistantship support after the first year.

Publication of 10 poems in the book “Voces Nuevas” – CELARG editorial (award from the Literary Expression Workshop – Mention: Poetry; nationally selected)

2006: Publication of Poem - Galo - Letras Magazine (March 20 – April 20)
Poetry Recital - Galo in the motion picture Elipsis by Eduardo Arias-Nath - 20th Century Fox

Publication of all photographic images (posters, newspapers, magazines, international presentations) - Elipsis - 20th Century Fox

Undergraduate Thesis Recognition - The Mythology of Cthulhu as a mechanism of irruption of the fantastic H.P Lovecraft - Recognized Tutor: Carlos Sandoval

Poetry Recital - Wandering Luck- CELARG Theater

Poetry Recital – Disinfected Common Place – I International Book Fair in Venezuela

2005: Nationally selected to attend the Literary Expression Workshop, Mention: Poetry - 1 year – CELARG

Publication - Selected to contribute to photographic section PORTFOLIO of the recognized art magazine Platanoverde #8 (2005) and its Special Edition (2006)

Publication - Contributing Writer to Platanoverde (#8, #9)

2004: Photographic Exhibition: “Four Houses After Turning the Corner” - Universidad Central de Venezuela